Monday, July 30, 2018

Terapi Pasca Tersesat

I have a favorite cafe around the northern side of the city. The cafe is tiny and it doesn't have what they call 'Instagramable spots', yet I'm okay with that (first, because I go there since pre-Instagram era; second, I go there to sip my coffee, usually alone, so layout doesn't matter). It is Hestekkopi, or Tagarkopi as they renamed themselves just now.

To be honest, I'm not a coffee person. I am not a specific-type-of-drink person. What made me regularly visit the cafe is because I have a good memory here. I used to have a female friend who worked here and helped me through my life stage. I made some artworks inspired by her (click here and here if you want to know more). Since then, even though she works overseas now, I  still occasionally visit the cafe. I also made an artwork based on this cafe that was requested by the manager at the moment. You can see it here.

An example of occasion that makes me visit the cafe is after I get lost somewhere. Since the cafe is rather empty at daytime, it is a good place to calm down my mind after all those rushing and panic. That's why I call it Post-Lost Therapy.

In the painting: chair and table of the cafe, my sweater, tote bag from my aunt, my pencil case bought from a friend, my smartphone, my favorite drink cafe mocha, my sketchbook, my pencil eraser, and a character resembling me holding a pencil. My scrunchy is actually purple.