Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Cake of Eyeballs

Someone had told me in front of our friends that I am a melancholic person. He didn't tell it precisely that way, though. He was like, "Melancholic, romantic, a listener of gloomy radio." Even though I am not a radio listener for the last five years. When I funnily asked him the reason, he said it was because my point of view in romance which involved one-sided love, secret admiring, the feelings that aren't so open yet steady for a long time. Yep, that time I was this kind of person. Perhaps I still am until now.

In this blog post I put on this piece of a birthday message again. This time this birthday message is not including an apology message, it is purely a birthday message... and a sign that I secretly know a certain person's birth date hahahah. This person and I were not close enough and we had only one chance to talk much and that was when we accidentally in the same business. Other than that chance, we only did some eye contacts. Poor, huh? We don't even maintain a continuing communication, too. Basically we don't know each other other than our names.

In the picture there is a cake put on a common chair. That chair is a secret message; if I explain more about it I'm afraid that person will know and I will be humiliating myself. The cake itself is decorated with eyeballs as a symbol of our habit exchanging eye contact hahahah...

Well, by this chance I wish you happy birthday, sightseeker.