Thursday, July 23, 2015

Flower Scent

Firstly, I'd like to say Happy Children's Day in Indonesia! May our good hopes will be fulfilled by them in the near future, may they will be our next heroes and heroines. Let's be their good teachers.

This piece is not related to Children's Day... perhaps I need to prepare myself to celebrate big days next year? Even though, I really enjoyed the process of making this. Especially its coloring.

The title is actually a bit out of the theme. I was doodling when I found something good to be brought up to another piece of paper and be drawn properly, it was this character. Then the decoration was put on on the last minutes because I needed to give this girl something good to be pictured with. Then an imagination of a scented girl popped up in my mind.

A little fact here: I always feel lose to a slim girl, but I would feel loser to a scented girl, no matter how slim or curvy she is. Of course I always use antiperspirants/deodorant (whichever you call them), and I have six, seven different perfumes/cologne to use alternately, plus some bottles of perfumed body lotion, but there are some days where a random girl come to me with her glorious scent made of mystery and fairy dust. This kind of girls always make me want to splash on my perfume again and again yet feel stink at the same time.

So, the girl in the picture is that kind of girl. Plus a thin body, a nice dress, and some flower petals... Obviously I'm K.O.

Before I'm out of the ring, I want to show you another version of this piece. It's using black lines which, of course, was made by my drawing pen. Yep, it's mid 2015 and I still draw my things manually. An still on recycled papers.