Friday, July 3, 2015

Gothicia 1

Before I drew this design, I had a strange dream of turning to a thin tall ghostly monster with a beautiful black dress after some girls insulted me in that very dream. I don't know why it ended up as a set of fashion designs. I still want to draw my self representation from that dream, though.

As I mentioned, I am going to post a set again this time. I play with almost-monochrome colors as this is a classic color playing for gothic-themed outfits. On the picture is a plain pale beige long dress combined with greyish-navy-and-pale-greyish-blue-striped blazer. (Woah such colors.) Fishnet added as another detail there, at the end of the dress and the blazer sleeves. The bowler hat is inspired from 1920's style and using the similar colors with the clothes.

And white boots, synthetic leather I prefer, because why not?