Sunday, September 3, 2017

"I'm running, running, just to keep my hands on you."

After I couldn't use my notebook as usual, I tend to cling on my phone to go online. Unfortunately, on 15 August I had to leave it at the service centre for some repairment on its power button. Guess I have bad hands on gadgets... 😢

Martin Garrix's song There For You is a kind of song that grows in me. It's not that catchy at first, and later it changes to a very addictive song. When I was listening to it on radio, I drew this. Can you guess which part was the first I draw? That headphone! Precisely, starting from the crown-like part. It would be cool to have that kind of headphone. 😎

You'll see more of my doodles on this tiny note. Be prepared!