Saturday, September 9, 2017

"Friday night my phone is off..."

Until I made this piece, I didn't intend to make a musical-themed doodles on this tiny note. So you can call it a spontaneous project.

The note contains 30 sheets, all in crown shape same as front and back cover. I thought it would be fun to create simple drawings and give a line or two of any lyrics as their caption. And the songs have to be my likings since early until mid 2017. And it would be a bit challenging to make them all in August 2017.

On this art, I use the first line of song All My Love by Cash Cash and Connor Maynard as my inspiration and caption. It's a very catchy song, very my type. Oh, and I made this before I put my phone at the repairment.

I wanted to make a girl, but it turns out a bit androgynous... 😅

I'll show more from this note!