Saturday, September 16, 2017

Miley Cyrus - Malibu

To me, Miley Cyrus's Malibu is easy to get me... starstrucked? ... starstruck? I found a good drama in the lyrics; a drama of opened eyes, thankfulness, grace. I'm not a big fan of beaches or mountains, so somehow the lyrics give me a certain point of view about outdoor tourism.

This tiny note should contain my drawings and my favorite songs at the moment (in this case, my favorite songs from early until mid 2017). Mostly I make the drawings a bit far from the song interpretations. Well, it turns out differently on this one, which the drawing is actually loosely inspired by the music video.

Wait, I did it too in Fetish.

Orange is obvipusly good here. By the calm ocean and mild wave, I hope you can interpret it as a scene on a late afternoon and/or at golden hour.

Do you prefer indoor or outdoor sites?