Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I almost forgot to finish this piece! This is a tribute (it's actually more like a joke) to my partner-in-crime Par, whose nickname is occasionally written as Phar. It all started with some imaginative stories about her hahahahah.

The first one started from her photo editing app in her phone which turned her having red hair. Then somewhere in my mind popped up a picture of Rihanna when she dyed her hair red and wore white suit. I think it suits Par in some perspective.

The second one was based on our old private joke. I almost forgot it unless I saw my old text to her describing this style. Icy blue sparkling puff gown, fishnets, white bow, and lolita shoes. It has been revised through time but the main theme remained.

On the second picture, I made the stocking and glitter white because it is the "original" color. They can't standout properly, that's why I keep a copy of the first picture.