Thursday, March 26, 2015

She Lives In A Fairytale

The first sentence of Paramore's song Brick by Boring Brick is quite a hook to me. So does the video. Everyone must have been in that kind of phase where they deny reality whether it is consciously or unconsciously done, and put their hope high for a better environment for them. Not to be a pessimist, but reality is unfortunately not always as good as we hope it is. Even the quietest wind sometimes can rip the wings off of a butterfly.

Speaking of butterflies, the little flower in the picture was meant to be a butterfly, but I thought it could be less dreamy so I drew a floating flower. It is accidentally has more details, which turns out good because it then symbolizes how our hopes of a better world is more beautiful than reality.

Overall this is a very simple art which doesn't need much details and I put on pale pastel colors here to get it a little out of reality. Straight face for innocence. Plain dress for play time. Blue hair for keeping your feet on the ground while your head is in the clouds. Who lives in a fairytale?