Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Traveling Mom

Hi! It's been two months!

My empty days was filled with colors from makeup tutorial videos and some of my old favorite songs. They led me to some kind of refreshment I unconsciously needed. They inspired me.

The Traveling Mom is dedicated to my lovely sister Kak Adinda who lives in Pontianak. She likes to spend her time with her little family to go abroad and see beautiful lands. Some of her destinations were Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, and I bet she had and will go to see many more.

She likes taking pictures of her son, that's why I draw him here with her. Traveling time is always a good time to them, so I made this piece playful with those tiny icons on the background. Kak Adinda's pillow-like coat and patterned shoes is my favorite things here.

Again, playfulness is the key here.